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Looking Back At The Positives of 2020!!

The year 20202 has been a strange year to say the least, while it hasn’t been the most positive of years for most people, for me it hasn’t been too bad. It could have been much worse. So I wanted to look at some of the good things that happened in 2020, and reflect on what went right rather than concentrate on the negatives. While we had a pandemic to deal with, and people going crazy at the beginning of the year, and then things getting bad in hospitals where beds were being filled up like crazy, and the staff over worked and tired. To everyone clapping and showing support. We saw the best and worst of people, as celebrities got too big for their boots, people in the community helping one another out by delivering food and essentials to those who couldn’t get out. Things got a little crazy. Some people felt that they learned things about themselves during lockdown, vowed to make changes to their lives to be a better persona and do things to help heal the world etc. Started appreciating things they’d never done before, and vowed not to take everything for granted.

The truth is for me I didn’t really learn anything profoundly new about myself, in that deep way others have done. I didn’t go through the phase of learning and trying something new. Not really, not in the way most people did. I personally don’t think people will change for the better, or anything will improve once this pandemic is over. People won’t go out of their way to make these deep and woke changes that they claim they’ll take up. It’s already showing that most people are just going back to doing as they did before. Nothing has really changed. Anyway coming back to some of the things I got up to last year and looking back, while I didn’t promise big, wonderful changes from myself I found time to do things that I really enjoy.

Before the pandemic hit and really started, I found myself at a free digital art session and got a taste of digital art for the first time. I really enjoyed what I’d seen and decided I really wanted to take it up. The pandemic gave me a bit of time and a chance to do a few digital art pieces, and really made me want to do it properly on an iPad, since I was doing it all on my phone and that wasn’t easy. It proved to be challenging, but quite fun at the same time. I found a good few apps where I explored different types of drawings and using different techniques. For the first time ever, my sunset pictures turn out pretty decent. Lol! That has never happened before with paint and paintbrush. I’ve never been too good at painting with physical material. Digital Art has opened up a whole new avenue and opportunities to try different things and explore in order to find my style. My favourite app so far is procreate. (Warning, this app is not free, so it might not be for everyone). It was definitely worth it for me.

I’ve been into colouring on my phone for awhile and had been using an app called ColourTherapy for a few years. I hadn’t used it much lately, but last year during the pandemic I really got back into it. I then decided to take part in contests that they hold every day, and one of my pieces of Art actually won one of the contests which was really good. I usually don’t win things like that, and most people don’t like my works. Or at least they’re not really all that popular, so it was nice to actually win one. But all the same it has been fun doing them, and I’ve continued to do them every so often.

While the pandemic caused a bit of writers block, Which prevented me doing blogs and such; I did manage to do some other writing. I had been working on something else for five years now, and last year meant that I had time to write that up and believe it or not I managed to actually complete it. I couldn’t believe I’d actually managed to finish the project, it was a big achievement and a win for the year for sure. I have started something else, but it’s not going so well. Writers block got in the way, so I don’t know where that’s going. I’m hoping this year I can get back into blogging again and that the ideas will start flowing. I do have two things in the draft that I’ve promised people so that should be a start. I will be starting and trying something new on here, and adding a new topic to my categories section. So that should be interesting. But we shall see.

One of the things I think a lot of people managed to do as well was reading. I managed to do quite a bit of reading, and it was a bit of a different experience that year. I was doing so well with my reading that I actually completed my Goodreads challenge a whole month early. Now that’s not something that often happens for me, I usually either finish it with a close shave just before the year ends, or completely fail. This year I did really well and I read over 30 books. My challenge was to complete 30, and I managed 33 by the end of the year. It was a strange year for reading, because I picked up books I normally wouldn’t. I read a few memoir/biography type books. And I don’t normally go for that kind of thing. I didn’t expect them to be written in the format of a story, I always imagine it like someone telling you how their day went or something like that. Very formal, full of informational facts etc. So it was surprising to open these books and find that they read like a fictional book, taking you on their journey in an interesting way. I guess sometimes you just have to give things a try, I am slowly branching out and trying new and different genres. Am I growing up? Eeek!! I’m certainly reading more maturely.

I can’t really think of anything else, but looking at the above it does show that through all the bad things that happened in the year; there were some good to be found from it. We got given time to slow down from our usual busy schedules, do things we enjoy or try something new. As I say many people opened their eyes and saw nature for what it truly is, made people appreciate the world and the people around them. It might have been a bad year, but it had it’s silver lining.

PS. I never got to complete that damn rubix cube, it sits hiding in my cupboard refusing to show itself. Ouch!!

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