About this site!

Welcome to the blog site ‘Under My Umbrella,’ This is a blogging site where the theme will be around disability, where the discussions will be around different topics, things maybe taken from media, articles and experiences, or my thoughts on certain topics and issues. The things posted here might mostly be opinions and thoughts to things I come across. Some things might be another perspective of things, that most people have never thought of, or maybe just how I see the world, I don’t really know. Or just plain and simple rambling. This site is mainly a place where I can write down my thoughts, and express my feelings on certain things and have a way to get them off my mind. I do understand that not everyone will agree with me, as most people don’t, but we are all different and we all see the world differently. What I want in the world is more disability acceptance and awareness. I want an end to disability discrimination, but I know we have a long way to go. Will we ever get there? I don’t really know, but I sure hope so.