Disability Pride Month!

At the beginning of July I discovered that July was disability pride month, but had never heard of this before. I got rather excited as I'd wanted something like this for many years now. I wanted a whole month dedicated to celebrating, advocating and talking about disability in the same way other marginalised group have.… Continue reading Disability Pride Month!

Disability in books, media and the entertainment industry!

Bringing disability to TV with promises of better portrayal of disabled people! But will they deliver?

The BBC have made promises of more inclusion of disabled people and want to make their shows more diverse, with the disabled community in mind. Planning to make their shows with disability more authentic and distinctive, in the hopes of moving away from ableism and heading in the right direction.

Disability in books, media and the entertainment industry!

Looking At Both Sides of The Coin, With Disabled and Able Bodied actors playing Disabled Characters!

In this article we look at weather playing disabled characters should be restricted only to disabled actors, and why I think it's more complicated than that.

Disability in books, media and the entertainment industry!

An exploration of discrimination, and stereotypes in the entertainment world and disabled characters in books!

An introduction to a mini series of blogs in relation to disability in books, films, and the entertainment industry. And a look at discrimination towards disability in different forms of media!